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Substantial time has been spent developing the Sunstream SI Sunroom. Forty years, in fact! As a pioneer of sunroom innovation we have redefined the way America views a sunroom. With Sunstream SI, a sunroom is no longer a temporary and fragile add on, but instead a life-long investment into your well being.

Over the past decade every aspect of the Sunstream SI system has been fine-tuned to insure that it meets the demands of weather and time. You can rest soundly knowing that every one of our sunrooms will perform beautifully and efficiently for the life of your home.

At Sunstream SI our goal is to provide you with worry-free living, surrounded by a space that is unlike any other.

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Worry Free.
  The Best Sunroom Warranty in America.

Many sunroom systems look good right after they are built, but how will they look in five or ten years? How will they perform after many winters and summers have tested them with crushing ice and harsh UV exposure?

With a sunroom from Sunstream SI you already know the answer. Our sunrooms have stood the test of time and have a track record to prove their durability. A Sunstream SI sunroom that is built today will look just as good ten years from now, which is why we can stand behind the most comprehensive warranty available.

Every Sunstream SI sunroom comes standard with a lifetime warranty that is not pro-rated, and is transferable when you sell your home. It covers every major component of our unique system including glass breakage and glass seal failures, as well as the lustrous finish on all surfaces.

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"How can I know which style is right for my home?”

When it comes to specialty remodeling, it pays to call on a specialist. A sunroom is not like other additions, and therefore it requires a level of expertise that can’t be found with many general contractors. Sunstream SI-authorized dealers are specialty contractors, and can offer advice on all things related to our sunroom system. Part of their service is to recommend a style that best suits the unique architecture of your home. Just like you, we want your new Sunstream SI sunroom to enhance the look of your home, not detract from it.
“Will my yard be a mess during construction?”
A big advantage of the Sunstream SI system over other construction methods is the time and fuss associated with the installation. On average a Sunstream SI sunroom can be erected in less that a week by one installation team. The reason? Most of the construction work has been completed before it ever reaches your home! Every sunroom wall is tailor-made in a climate controlled facility before being shipped to your Sunstream SI dealer, making the on-site work simple and clean.
“What size should my new sunroom be?
As a sunroom design specialist your Sunstream SI representative will utilize tried-and-true methods in order to recommend the ideal size of sunroom for your home. Factors such as proportion, return on investment, and intended use all play into the equation. Of course you would not want your new sunroom to be too small, but even worse, you wouldn’t want it to be too large and lose its functionality. Your vision, our expertise. Together we can design the sunroom that is perfect for your home, your budget, and your lifestyle.
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