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We do not believe that one size fits all. That is why each
Sunstream SI sunroom is designed around your home and your lifestyle. With the assistance of a Sunstream SI design professional you can choose from many styles, options, and detailing that make your sunroom unique and personal.

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MANY homes have a porch or covered patio,
but the space is just not ideal. The roof protects from direct rain and sun, but insects and weather conditions make the space unusable most of the year. With Sunstream SI’s enclosure system you can reclaim that wasted space and convert it into your favorite retreat. With the cost of traditional home additions being so high, a Sunstream SI enclosure may just be the most economical living space available.
THE GABLE sunroom gives something that the Studio does not: Volume. Its high ceiling and tall front windows offer a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape that is unmatched. Like all of Sunstream SI’s designs, the Gable is meant to provide worryfree living in a unique and open environment. Relax and unwind. Reconnect with loved ones. Read your favorite novel. Or just daydream...
FOR those looking for a seasonal patio without the bugs, direct sunlight or rain, the Sunstream SI screen system is the answer. Like all styles, the screen room is beautiful and worry-free. It is also upgradable! When you decide you can’t live without the space the rest of the year, glass windows can be added to make it a seasonal or all-weather sunroom!
SINCE the 17th century these breathtaking structures have added space, style, and a genuine sense of luxury to many of the most majestic properties and residences worldwide. Their sheer versatility and ethereal nature create a space unlike that found any where else. It’s no wonder that homeowners across America are beginning to see the conservatory as the ultimate in sunroom design.
Not only will a Sunstream SI Conservatory increase
your home’s appeal and resale value, it will also provide you with a sense of style and luxury once only reserved for the elite.
THE STUDIO sunroom is simply the most versatile style in the Sunstream SI portfolio. The clean lines and straight eave of its exterior allow the Studio to blend seamlessly into nearly all types of architecture, from a craftsman bungalow to a post
modern beach house. As viewed from the inside, the Studio’s tall glass windows and doors provide a framework of light and energy, allowing for limitless interior design possibilities.
studio style sunroom